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Child Skills Development Training in Dubai

Child Skills Development Training in Dubai

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Approach OnlySuccess For A Skill Development Program For Children

In a constantly-changing world, it is essential to prepare your kids for a better life since they are at school. Doing so is important as it teaches kids how to survive and thrive in an environment that is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. If you take a look at the job market, you will find that the ones who are skilled are easily surviving; while the ones who are lacking at it find it a hard nut to crack. So, it’s better to keep these things and get your kids enrolled in a program that promises a happy, secure future. At OnlySuccess, we offer a number of courses that are designed to help children grow in independent individuals. Reach us for a skill development program for children and let them flourish the way they deserve. You should prefer us for:

Personality Development

  • Public speaking (Speak your heart out)
  • Express in English
  • Time Management

Creativity & Innovation

  • Be A Champ
  • OSLA
  • Infinite Minds
  • Neuro Champ

Study Skills

  • Vedic Maths
  • Robotics
  • Rapid Reader
  • I love Exams

Program Details

  • Be A Champ

    The foremost personal excellence program crafted to achieve exceptional results in various aspects of your child’s life. It generates a positive mindset and fabricates excellence in children using powerful teaching methodologies. Our training methodologies involve “WHOLE BRAIN” and NLP techniques to harness the potential in young minds.

    • Power of Brain
    • Ultimate Success Formula
    • Success Principles – Powerful Beliefs
    • Whole Brain Technique – Linking
    • 8 Principles of Super Power Memory
    • Power of State
    • 11 Step study Process
    • Parito Principle
    • Picture Diagram
    • Mind Map – Powerful Notes Making Tool
    • Speed Reading – Improving Focus towards studies
    • Time Management
    • Self Realization – Man In Mirror
    • Goals and Life Plans
    • Exam Strategies

    Training Hrs: 4 Days

    Certification by KHDA/ OnlySuccess In house Certification

  • Vedic Maths

    Imagine being able to multiply large numbers in your head-faster than you could tap the numbers into a calculator.Imagine being able to make a ‘lightining mental check’ to see if you have made a mistake. Vedic (Speed) Maths is the collective name given to a set of sixteen mathematical formulae.

    Training Hrs: 3 Months ( Each level)

    Certification by KHDA

  • Robotics

    Iken Robotica is a dynamic academy initiated by a group of impassioned educationists endeavored to promote Robotics with the intention of improving the skills and critical thinking of the students based on STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) methodology.

    Training Hrs: 3 Months ( Each level)

    Certification by KHDA

  • Speed Reader

    Speed reading is any of several techniques used to improve one’s ability to read quickly. Speed reading methods include chunking and minimizing subvocalization.

    • Why we need to improve our memory first
    • Chunking- Exploring the brain’s limitations
    • Mental memory- How to apply visual memory to reading
    • Pre-reading & preparation
    • SQ3R technique
    • Worksheets for practice.

    Training Hrs: 6 Hours

    Certification by KHDA

  • Public speaking (Speak your heart out)

    It’s never too early to learn how to speak effectively and with confidence. An essential life skill. Speak your heart out is a one day workshop for kids based on mastering skills to be able to speak with confidence in any situation.

    • Learn the essentials of public speaking.
    • Present with confidence.
    • Speak in a variety of academic and extra-curricular situations.
    • Develop greater comfort when speaking in front of other kids and adults.

    Training Hrs: 8 hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Express in English

    Learn English grammar through lectures and extensive practice. Learn to speak English fluently and without any fear!

    • Introduction
    • Speaking flow
    • Intonation & Stress
    • Improvisation
    • Practice – through reading, speaking & listening

    Training Hrs: 24 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ OnlySuccess In house Certification

  • Infinite Minds
    • Power of Brain – Neurons and Neuro Connections
    • Whole Brain Techniques
    • IAR Technique
    • Linking – Powerful Memory Technique
    • Abstract Words
    • Pegging – Advanced Memory Technique

    Training Hrs: 6 Hours

    Certification by KHDA

  • Neuro Champ

    An effective workshop on note making tools to break away from the linear and traditional way of making notes.

    • Ice Breakers
    • Neuro Chain
    • Sketch Notes
    • PACOOK
    • Chain of Thoughts
    • Word Painting

    Training Hrs: 8 Hours

    Certification by KHDA

  • Time Management

    About: Frustrated? Nothing gets done and home work piles up? Feel trapped by hectic school and tuition schedule? Then, this time management workshop is for you.

    It is a one day workshop to master time management skills. The course is based on how to take control of your priorities, set the right goals, and plan your time to achieve your dreams.

    • Understand what you’ve put on your to-do list.
    • Learn how to take control of your schedule.
    • Learn how to overcome procrastination.
    • Learn how to set priorities for your goals.

    Training Hrs: 6 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ OnlySuccess In house Certification

  • I love Exams

    Do away with your fear of exams! Learn powerful strategies and time management techniques to excel in exams with confidence.

    • Ultimate Success formula for Exams
    • Powerful Exam Success Principles
    • Time Management – Planner
    • Powerful Exam strategies – SQ3R
    • Exam Incantation
    • Goal Posters for Exams

    Training Hrs: 4 Hours

    Certification by KHDA

What Are The Benefits?

By opting for a skill development program for children, you don’t just ensure a better career for them but also a better life ahead. They get to hone their academic skills and develop life skills that are going to benefit them later in the years. Here’s what the kids get out of our programs:

  1. Their verbal as well as written communication skills are significantly improved.
  2. They start performing better in academics.
  3. They start performing better in academics.
  4. The programs prepare children for lifelong learning.
  5. They learn self-management which is important to lead a good life on personal and professional front.
  6. The courses teach them the importance of teamwork.
  7. They develop stress management and problem solving skills.
  8. initiative
  9. Self-motivation is another good thing they develop.
  10. The programs induce creativity in young kids.

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