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NLP –Unravel your mind Presentation Skills Masterclass

Leadership Training

  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Teacher’s training
  • Sweep through your interviews
  • Managerial Effectiveness Program

Communication & Impact

  • Express in English
  • Public speaking (Speak your heart out)
  • Hypno-Parenting
  • Email etiquette
  • IELTS training

Program Details

  • Unravel your mind through NLP

    Remove limiting ideas you have about yourself and your capabilities. Overcome low confidence, destructive thought patterns and poor self esteem. Learn the fundamentals principles & core ideologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Use your own resources to solve your problems.

    Course Content:
    • Introducing the NLP Confidence
    • Moving from Present State to Desired State
    • Accepting the Power Within
    • Creating a New Self Concept & Desired State
    • Raising Self Awareness (Exercise)
    • The Process of Change Model

    Training Hrs: 18 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Presentation Skills Masterclass

    Use presentation skills to communicate with any sized audience. Demonstrate presentation skills that influence audiences Become a confident presenter. Learn how to give clear, confident and effective business presentations.

    • Quick Wins! How to Impress Your Audience Within the First 2 seconds
    • Make YOUR Next Presentation Your Best Ever
    • The Perfect Start for Your Presentation
    • Eliminate Fear, Build Confidence, for Every Future Presentation

    Training Hrs: 12 Hours

    Only Success In house Certification

  • Email etiquette

    Discover the secrets to writing powerful emails your colleagues will read and answer by crafting your message and delivery. Understanding subject, greeting, and signature etiquette. Improve your email writing skills, boost productivity and avoid common errors.

    • Identify the appropriate recipients for any given email.
    • Establish a clear purpose for an email and convey it effectively.
    • Determine who the audience of an email is and write it accordingly.
    • Apply a variety of rules and techniques to create a strong message.
    • Assess the need to CC and BCC and select recipients thoughtfully.
    • Cite general etiquette rules for sending emails.
    • Demonstrate the appropriate way to send an attachment.

    Training Hrs: 6 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Express in English

    Form thoughts in English. Express ideas creatively, rather than using set phrases. Use new English vocabulary and phrases with confidence.

    • Speaking flow
    • Intonation & Stress
    • Improvisation
    • Practice – through reading, speaking & listening

    Training Hrs: 30 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Hypno-Parenting

    Neuroscience for parents: Know your kids well- understand why my child act the way they do, based on their active brain structure.

    Hypno parenting is a 1 day workshop for parents on how one can positively affect their child. It also emphasises on knowing your child first to be a great parent. Choose the best for yourself to give best to your child.

    • Parenting styles: Understand the impact of your parenting style.
    • Discovering the root cause of behavior.
    • Understanding the power of words and actions.
    • Learning ways to reinforce positive suggestions.
    • Learning styles: Understand it differs from child to child.
    • Help your child develop more efficient study methods.
    • Learning a simple technique of letting go.

    Training Hrs: 5 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Teacher's Program

    Learn the tools you can use to engage every time you teach or train and understand how to grab the attention of every learner. A simple model that unravels the mystery of how students learn, and how you can apply this theory to easily reach every learner you work with.

    The crucial components of each learning style, and why you absolutely MUST know them to successfully reach every learner

    • Classroom Management
    • Essentials of an effective session
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Art of story telling
    • G.I.F.T
    • Differentiated Instructions
    • Gender Sensitivity

    Training Hrs: 8 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Time Management Fundamentals

    How to handle procrastination. Discover the principles of time management. Avoid the pitfalls of multitasking without feeling overwhelmed.

    • Fundamentals to become more productive.
    • What kills your productivity at work
    • Time management techniques
    • Prepare to get things done
    • Control your time and your choices

    Training Hrs: 8 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification


    Mastering IELTS – Complete preparation to get your desired score with extensive mock tests and practice sessions.

    • Introduction- What is IELTS
    • Important Information for IELTS
    • Steps to succeed in the IELTS
    • Practice Tests – Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading
    • Mock tests

    Training Hrs: 30 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

  • Break the barriers

    Break the barrier to your next interview. Learn the steps to succeed in your interviews with NLP techniques.

    • The Right Mindset
    • Clear Vision of Goals
    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Prominent Interview Questions
    • Creating Resumes
    • Power Dressing
    • Handling Interview Related Stress
    • What/How to Convey Non Verbally
    • Operating the Process of Interview
    • Art of Living Your Passion

    Training Hrs: 12 Hours

    Certification by KHDA/ Only Success In house Certification

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