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Be A Champ Programme For Children


Be A Champ Child Skills training in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai

Be A Champ Programme For Children

Our ‘be a champ’ course is a personal excellence program designed to prepare children to achieve excellence in various aspects of their lives. We believe that every child is capable of doing great things in life; all it takes is to focus on what they are best at. OnlySuccess offers programs that integrate lessons and practices to support the learning process and bring a sustainable change in form of academic excellence and transformational growth. Doing so, we don’t just teach them about how to be successful but also bring the needed self realization that helps them in all areas of their lives while ensuring an elevated growth.

Techniques Involved

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the core technology of the programme which supports kids to learn how to use their brain in the most effective manner. The same resembles in their learning abilities, social skills, and results in better physical and mental health. Whole Brain Methods & Accelerated Learning: 95% of the times, children tend to use their left brains while studying or learning which limits the interest they need for effective learning. However, in case of computer games, the scenario is different as they are developed taking the whole brain methods in consideration which results in better focus and retention. In our ‘be a champ’ programme, we make use of whole brain methods and accelerated learning techniques to ensure the same. Study & Life Skills: Attention deficit children don’t exist, we believe; it is the incorrect teaching methodologies that don’t allow them to make use of their true potential. Keeping the same in mind, we have designed training programs under our ‘be a champ; programme to develop study as well as life skills:

Study Skills

Super Power Memory

This is a technique to improve memorizing power and boost memory so that they achieve exceptional results in exams.

Speed Reading

The technique is proved to save time and improve concentration.

Visual Spelling

In this method, NLP is used which makes it easy for kids to remember difficult spellings.

Whole Brain Notes Making

Based on the Parito principle where information gathering is followed by picture diagrams, the technique helps stimulate interest while studying.

Mind mapping

It is an ultimate notes making tool that helps kids remember huge texts with ease.

“I Love Exams”

It is the most important activity that inspires children to love what they are doing including their exams.

11 Step Study Process

11 step study process is a powerful study process that effectively improves performance.

Life Skills

Goal Setting

The secret to a successful life is to set your goals at young age. This is what we teach to your children in this programme.

Self Motivational Skills

We make use of powerful thoughts and words to trigger self motivation and enthusiasm in children.

Empowering Beliefs

In order to eliminate negativity, we develop powerful beliefs in children that include “I am a champion!”

Relationship With Partners & Siblings

The training focuses on developing relationship skills so that they listen and respect to their parents and understand the importance of having a good bond with their siblings.

Time Management

Our “MY Week Ahead” schedule helps children manage their time efficiently.

Life Values And Principles

Children learn the most powerful aspects of life such as ‘Responsibility’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Ownership’ and ‘Flexibility’.

What Can One Expect?

‘Be a champ’ program helps kids be more confident in their skin, and develops the required academic excellence, flexibility and assertiveness in them so that they can learn better and conveniently communicate with their classmates and teachers. It also improves relationship building skills in them, enhances their problem solving skills and makes their attitude more positive towards themselves as well as others. Doing so, we make sure to develop excellent intellectual and emotional intelligence in kids that results in a lasting behaviour change.