Designed to empower your child to be a super achiever in school & in life. Techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).Whole brain learning method and accelerated learning techniques will enable your child in:

  • Learning skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Life skills

Duration: 5 weeks, 3 days/week , 15 lessons
60 minutes per lesson
Total Course Duration 15 hours

Age Group : Grade 1 to Grade 9

Young Leader

It is a school based online program which focus on advancing students personal and social development along with enhancing the leadership qualities in them. It is also focuses on innovation and desire to contribute for the community

  • Students can set goals & take up the mind to build the right strategies
  • Self-drive and inner motivation to perform better in academics
  • Ability to take action on time
  • Confidence in one’s own learning skills
  • Adapts powerful beliefs and thoughts
  • Create meaningful values and strong relationship with parents, siblings and teacher
  • Ability to be critical and think independently

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